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Walking the dog in the very unique location

This photo session was a real challenge!

I had never before taken the photos of animals. But when a good friend of mine asked to take photos of his beloved dog – Izzy, I simply said “yes”.

What was so interesting about this session?

First of all – I always like to try new things, to explore new photography areas. Second reason was that the session location was very unique. No meadows, forests or seaside but NDSM. It is an industrial part of Amsterdam, that has amazing atmosphere.

That was the most unique dog’s walk ever. And Izzy was a great model 🙂

You’ll notice on the pics that Izzy is a one-eye dog, which does not stop her from being the most active and curious dog I’ve seen. She’s adorable!

If you would like to have a session with your beloved animal just let me know

365 project – let’s start again!


Let’s start the 365 project again this year!

I’ll try to take a photo (or more) every day for 365 days.

Our life through my eyes (and lenses). Great memories for girls and fantastic photo training for me. Finding time in daily rush and catching the moment, that will remind us of that very day.

Please keep your fingers crossed so I will stick to the project longer than last year 😉

Some of pictures taken in January you’ll find below. Enjoy!

You can see some of the January photos from 365 project from last year here.

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