Happy Birthday to me!

When my husband asks me what I would like to get for my birthday, my response is always the same.

Don’t buy me flowers.

Don’t buy me jewellery.

Don’t buy me designer’s bag.

Just buy me a spot at the photography workshop!

So when the amazingly talented Roberta Baneviciene announced that she is coming to Poland for one day workshop, I knew I had to be there!

The day of the workshop was full of learning details of editing technics of Roberta’s images and getting to know how to change a simple location into magical photo background.

The rest of the day we have spent outdoors, observing how Roberta works with young models. Beautiful Wiktoria, Melania and Martynka were very patient posing for our captures.

At the end of the day I was tired but also full of excitement and inspiration.

It is worth to step out of our comfort zone and try new things. There is so much to learn and experience.

Have a look at some of the portraiture images, captured and edited ny me based on Roberta’s tips. Hope you’ll like it.

If you would like to book a photo session with me, just let me know .

Cool experience for the whole family!

The story with having a photo session starts with mum.

She decides that it would be nice to capture some lovely moments of the family.

It is not easy to set a date, to fit into family’s busy schedule.

And kids are usually not very keen to be photographed.

But it is just at the beginning of the photo shoot!

Than the whole mood changes dramatically. Everyone is relaxed, starts laughing and even creating new poses.

It wasn’t much different with Vanessa and her lovely family.

After a few minutes of the shoot all got really relaxed and we spent a great afternoon along the Amsterdam canals.

I was really happy with the results of the session.

But what made me even more happy was Vanessa’s note after receiving the photos for selection.

Whole family, including two teenage boys, got involved in the selection process.

Vanessa mentioned positive mood, discussion and smiles in front of the computer, when recalling the session day.

Photo shoot, although booked by mum only, can turn into a fantastic, bonding experience for the whole family.

You can book a photo session with me today

Family session – a great way to say goodbye to the city

Family session is a great tool to keep memories of family life forever.

It is especially important for younger kids. They may later not remember funny and happy moments of family life, just because of their age.

Marta and Sebastian asked me to take a few shots of their lovely family.

It was just a few days before leaving Amsterdam and starting new adventure in Poland. They wanted to keep memories of family riding bikes and enjoying walks along Amsterdam canals.

The session was full of laughter and unexpected situations. And this is absolutely normal when you have to manage 4 kids on the session. 🙂

I had an unforgettable time with Marta, Sebastian and kids, and I am sure we will stay in touch in Poland.

My family has just moved to Poland, so if you are looking for a great memory from this amazingly beautiful country, just contact me on

365 project – let’s start again!


Let’s start the 365 project again this year!

I’ll try to take a photo (or more) every day for 365 days.

Our life through my eyes (and lenses). Great memories for girls and fantastic photo training for me. Finding time in daily rush and catching the moment, that will remind us of that very day.

Please keep your fingers crossed so I will stick to the project longer than last year 😉

Some of pictures taken in January you’ll find below. Enjoy!

You can see some of the January photos from 365 project from last year here.

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