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Cool experience for the whole family!

The story with having a photo session starts with mum.

She decides that it would be nice to capture some lovely moments of the family.

It is not easy to set a date, to fit into family’s busy schedule.

And kids are usually not very keen to be photographed.

But it is just at the beginning of the photo shoot!

Than the whole mood changes dramatically. Everyone is relaxed, starts laughing and even creating new poses.

It wasn’t much different with Vanessa and her lovely family.

After a few minutes of the shoot all got really relaxed and we spent a great afternoon along the Amsterdam canals.

I was really happy with the results of the session.

But what made me even more happy was Vanessa’s note after receiving the photos for selection.

Whole family, including two teenage boys, got involved in the selection process.

Vanessa mentioned positive mood, discussion and smiles in front of the computer, when recalling the session day.

Photo shoot, although booked by mum only, can turn into a fantastic, bonding experience for the whole family.

You can book a photo session with me today

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