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Women portraiture – You look beautiful today!

Natural beauty photo session

I am sure you have received tons of wishes on the International Women’ Day on 8th of March.
They are lovely, of course… But I strongly believe that the warmest, genuine words of praise and love should come from ourselves.

All of us – women, no matter how old we are and what we do – should understand how beautiful, unique, brave and delicate we are. Through capturing women’s portraits at their homes, I want to underline that our everyday beauty is something that we should truly cherish. We do not need expensive clothes, rich make- up or special occasions to look beautiful, we are amazing – everyday, whole year round.

Big thanks to Karolina, who agreed to start this project with me. I hope I managed to capture her natural beauty, warmth and charm…

If you are interested in photo session to cherish your beauty just contact me.

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