Happy Birthday to me!

When my husband asks me what I would like to get for my birthday, my response is always the same. Don’t buy me flowers. Don&

Perfect in every detail

We all love to be surounded by harmony and beauty. We feel relaxed and more creative in beautiful interiors. Magda is amazingly ta

Cool experience for the whole family!

The story with having a photo session starts with mum. She decides that it would be nice to capture some lovely moments of the fam

Walking the dog in the very unique location

This photo session was a real challenge! I had never before taken the photos of animals. But when a good friend of mine asked to t

Young woman portraiture on the streets of Amsterdam.

Photo session is a great birthday gift to keep memories of this special day. We all like to look at our photos from the youth and

Family session – a great way to say goodbye to the city

Family session is a great tool to keep memories of family life forever. It is especially important for younger kids. They may late

How to turn passion into the business?

It's so great to see women who start their own business. Their energy and determination is fantastic to observe. It is great to se

Family visit – great occasion for a photo session!

Photo session during the family visit – what a great idea!

Women portraiture – Your smile lights up the room!

We are all different, we are all beautiful!

365 project – February

February – snowboarding and some other challenges

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